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Bullying can take many different forms such as name calling, cyber bullying through technology such as texting and online instant messages and even places like Facebook and Twitter. Bullying can also be physical as well as verbal.
Bullying can make you feel lonely, depressed, anxious and isolated. It’s important to tell someone you trust.

I’m being bullied, what can I do?

It is important that you tell someone you trust. Just talking about it can help you to recognise a solution to the problem. A teacher, parent, GP, friends, family, or your young carer support worker can talk through some of the issues you might be facing because of bullying.

If bullying takes the form of cyber bullying it is important that you keep copies of the text messages and emails etc. that are being sent to you, that way when you do tell someone you can trust such as a teacher, they can see what the bullies are doing and can act on it accordingly.

Using websites such as Child Line can offer good support and guidance on bullying.

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