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Helpful videos from the NHS, please click here for more videos about caring.

Carers Support Groups

Carers’ support groups help long-term carers. In this video, carers describe how their local group enabled them to care for others and for themselves.

Care and support guide

 Carers: Julie’s Story

Julie is a full-time carer. In this video she explains how she copes and where she found help. Call the Carers Direct helpline on 0300 123 1053 and get free, confidential information and advice for carers.

Care and support guide

Male Carers

Being a carer is traditionally seen as a woman’s role. In this video, two men talk about their experiences as full-time carers and the difficulties they face.

I need help caring for someone

 Bereavement: life after being a carer

When the person you’ve been caring for dies, there is support available to you. In this video, former carers discuss how they coped with their grief and found a new purpose in life.

When someone you care for dies

 Studying while being a carer

Barbara is a full-time carer for her autistic children. Watch how she keeps an outside interest by studying with the Open University.

Advice on how to combine caring with working

 Carers emergency scheme

Gordon Conochie from the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care explains the carers emergency scheme, which gives peace of mind to carers. David, who cares for his partner Martin, carries a carers emergency card. It identifies him as a carer, and who he cares for, in case of an emergency. Please note that since this video was published the above organisations have become Carers Trust and Gordon Conochie is no longer working for the organisation.